Log of Japan, Day 1

(This is a log of about the first half of my travels in Japan. I only did the first half because I usually wrote at the end of the day, and I was getting increasingly tired throughout the trip. I would fall asleep before I could write anything. To quickly summarize the half: I returned from Kyoto, went to Tsukiji Market, went to Hakone (where I ran into an Evangelion Store, a nude spa, and an outdoor art museum), then returned to America, all within the span of three days.)

Log of Japan

It is 7:00 PM Saturday April 9th. Overcast.

Flight was 13 hours long. It was rough, but I managed. They had good films and good food (to my surprise). I watched Good Will Hunting and The Imitation Game. Would recommend both. Turbulence was minimal.

Arrived at Narita, took a bus in to the Hyatt in Tokyo. Then took a taxi to Alexandra’s apartment. First taxi driver got me to the right place, but didn’t know it. I felt bad for him after he took me back to the hotel, got me to a new taxi driver, and that driver took me to the same place. Alexandra was waiting for me in front of her building.

The entire transit I believe took 14 hours. I’m lucky to have slept through 3 of them. Jet lag isn’t too bad. When I was at Narita, I met a lady who spoke with the exact same voice that the 12 year old  anime girl would sound like. I was both impressed and terrified.

Alexandra’s kindness took me aback. I was under the impression that I was hallucinating my splinted arm until she was conscious of it.  Her children are obedient albeit smart-Alecs, as one who would know her may have expected. her apartment is quite spacious; she said it was built for expats in mind, by the family Mori. It is very nice.

If anyone wants to know what flying a spaceship feels like, use a toilet in Japan. You will know then. I am still trying to determine whether I like the toilets or not.

The streets are compact; I enjoy the claustrophobic nature of it. It does not feel excessive or wasteful. I noticed that the drivers are on the right side of the vehicle. I also noticed the plethora of European vehicles on the road, which was quite surprising.

It was raining. People here prefer umbrellas to coats.

My arm is making progress. I can turn it more  counterclockwise, but not too much more clockwise. I will be able to use contact lenses.

For dinner, Alex took me to a Korean barbecue type thing.  There was a table with a grill in the centre. The servers would bring us what we ordered raw so that we would cook for ourselves. Forgot my tray case when I went there, so I used one of the clean ashtrays that was provided. Alex says Japanese smoke anywhere. They weren’t smoking at the time. The food was great; I had some grilled steak thing. I was enjoying it, but my arm was really hurting when I was handling it, so I couldn’t really focus on and appreciate it. I liked the atmosphere of the wood walls and floors in conjunction with the close quarters. I tried to get a picture of it and send it to mom, but then I remembered how we didn’t have service in Japan.

Apparently Japan has a maple syrup fetish; Alex told me how Japanese people love maple syrup, and such was supported by  how they had 5 different types. We went to the store to get some food.

Alex said she didn’t like living here. She doesn’t like how Japanese people are racist as well as the lack of autonomy permitted to her; she agreed to how it was mostly her disdain for working with people that she didn’t like it here. She did say that she liked everything else about Japan, if only the food didn’t get old after a while.

We ended the day with watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 while enjoying the chocolate that I brought. It is still as good as I remembered it, but much less the grindhouse aspect of it and more the cinematographic element of it.

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