Log of Japan, Day 6

Thursday April 16, 9:55 PM. Clear Skies.

(This is the last log entry)

When I woke up yesterday, I assumed it was around 4:00 or 5:00. I didn’t sleep very well; I am not used to sleeping on a tatami mat. I was probably too heavy for the cushioning, because it was not supportive of my back at all. I don’t know if I would sleep that way again. I laid in my bed up to 6:30, and then went downstairs and sit down in one of the tall chairs until 7:00 (tall chairs meaning chairs we would normally use). I then took a shower and bath, which was pleasant. I liked the bathrobes; they were a simple unisex kimono that made me feel like a jedi (as opposed to some out-of-place foreigner wearing traditional clothing). I then had breakfast. It was consistent of what was likely broiled fish (I don’t know how they cooked it), omelette, salad, miso soup, mushrooms, seaweed and rice, some pickled stuff, and some sweet green stuff (both of the latter elements being vegetables). It was wonderful.

I talked a little bit with my dad after that, and then set out. The people who ran the inn were really nice. When I told them I was in highschool, they said they thought I was in my 30s. I wasn’t surprised at the time; people of all ethnicities have difficulty noticing differences between faces of other ethnicities, let alone age. In hindsight, I suppose I could’ve used that to my advantage to get alcohol in restaurants.

I then set out for the Gion district. I first got some money from a bank, and then walked there from the bank. There were supposed to be Geisha in that vicinity, but I didn’t see any of them. I was kinda disappointed by that, but I did take some nice pictures of the area, and saw some schoolgirls that laughed at me (I was wondering when I would; I thought it as an inevitability as opposed to a possibility). It didn’t come out to be an utter waste of time.

After that, I went on for the Golden Pavilion. I am sure that the transit there was longer than the time spent there. I jumped on three separate railways. The last one was particularly slow; it was a tram through the streets, and was very long. I got to see some cool residential architecture from it, though. After finishing the railways, I walked from the station to the pavilion. I noticed on the way that buses would have taken me there, and considering how now that I think of it, the entire way was probably 3 kilometres, it would’ve been a wise decision. At the time, though, I didn’t care; I was happy to walk.

The Golden Pavilion itself is quite neat, but you don’t get much more from it than you would from pictures. I found nothing about it’s presence substantially awe striking, but that might just be me. The surrounding areas seemed more interesting than the pavilion itself. I saw a game where people would try to throw money into a can in front of a rock shrine; I found it quite a genius way to make money.

After that, I exited and waited for the bus to the rock garden. There was a Chinese couple who were looking for a shrine or something; I tried to help them, but I didn’t know where what they were looking for was. After that, some Japanese middle school students wanted to take my picture, to which I agreed. I was acting silly about it; I wasn’t particularly worried about how they thought of me, but even so, I think they liked me, because they invited me to sit next to them in the bus.

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