Welcome to the Brave New World of Social Justice

I have no idea whether they speak English in What, as that is a question I am not sure has ever been answered.  But going off my own experiences, they sure don’t speak English in the land of social justice. Instead, it would seem that doublespeak is the official language there, and if you dare try to press 2 for English, then off to the gallows for you.  Allow me to explain.

There is this pervasive phenomenon, engendered particularly on college campuses and nourished by victim culture, which seeks to upend society as we all know it and impose onto it a new form of authoritarianism. This authoritarianism is characterized by the deification of victimhood and the subjugation of all those who have no claim to the newly enshrined title of victim: the rest of us who do not belong to narrowly defined classes of people and are therefore not welcome in their exclusive cabal. If you wish to join the club and gain special status as a member of the collective, then you had better meet at least one of the prerequisites set by this “socially aware” crowd, which include being a person of color, being female, being sexually queer, having an ethnic background that matches their sometimes murky criteria for “diversity”, or generally lacking the condition of having “privilege”. If you just happen to be a caucasian cisgender — meaning “not transgender”, for those of you who are out of the loop on contemporary sexuality lingo — male, then, well, I’ve got bad news for you.

Those who hew to this phenomenon are usually called social justice warriors in Internet parlance, but they can also be described as radical progressive activists. These progressives, despite all being part of the larger social justice movement, usually split off into smaller groups focusing on different agendas — make no mistake about it, though, they all hate caucasian cisgender dudes. You’ve got your fringe, hard-left LGBT extremists. You’ve got your third-wave feminist firebrands. You’ve got furious, hate fueled Black Lives Matter activists. You’ve got raging, radical ethnic groups. And despite having your average, everyday, regular caucasian cisgender male in common as a boogeyman, they’ve all got their own enemies to fight against.

The LGBT people don’t like those oppressive heterosexuals, feminists don’t like men, BLM activists don’t like whites and ethnic groups don’t like Americans or immigration laws. They say America is a melting pot, but these groups got the wrong message and thought America was a melting pot of seething rage. What is particularly interesting is that they seem to have broken off from the rest of civilized society and created for themselves an entirely new system of laws, social norms and mores. They do not hold themselves to the same standards they set for everybody else. These radicals claim to champion equality and expect fair and equal treatment from others, but are always eager to engage in the shaming and humiliation of the groups they don’t favor. While allegedly fighting racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and other varieties of bigotry, their own bigotry is just as pronounced as the kind they claim to be battling against, or even moreso. At times, it appears as though they don’t even have any standards whatsoever, which is when this extreme form of progressivism truly rears its ugly head. They are not above, for instance, manufacturing hoaxes and dealing in outright deception for the sake of starting “dialogues”. They are not even above eating their own when progressives who aren’t willing to go all-in on the extremism step an inch outside the line, and to illustrate this I need only point to the growing number of cases where liberal university professors have found themselves at the end of a witch hunt, being targeted and investigated by their respective institutions just for teaching material the blood-thirsty hounds had a problem with.

The Western civilization prides itself on the freedom that its democracies offer, America being chief amongst them. Moreover, although it could definitely be argued that our track record on diversity and civil rights for minorities hasn’t always been the greatest, the Judeo-Christian values upon which our society has been built has afforded more tolerance to all individuals than any other society on Earth, regardless of who they are. Not only that, but in modern times it’s been proven time and time again that we are willing to listen to whomever attempts to communicate a message, so long as it’s done so reasonably and through the proper channels that democracy provides. We surely listened to Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights activists of yesteryear, whose message of friendship and understanding resonated with all of us. If certain minority groups perceive themselves to be at a disadvantage in relation to the majority, whether their concern is legitimate or even unfounded, we will listen to them, provided they demonstrate the willingness to work within the bounds of common decency and mutual respect. Hate-mongering and runaway entitlement are the opposite of that.

This rundown of the radical social justice movement takes me back to my introduction, when I said doublespeak was the language spoken in the divisive, alienating nation they’re building, based on exclusion. In the name of combating bigotry, these radicals promote bigotry. In the name of fighting hate, they condone and endorse hate and use it as a tool with which to ostracize and crush proclaimed enemies. Heterosexual people are treated with disdain and contempt, and even bisexuals are left out of the community, isolated and often flat out shunned. White people are seen and labeled as oppressors, as if they were the new heretics. Men are reviled by feminists, humiliated, subjugated and made out to be worthless wastes. According to these purveyors of fairness and justice, this is officially the new “tolerance”. This is the new “dialogue”. If you disagree, you are a bigot and must be called out, silenced, exposed, put through the grinder and have your life ruined. Because hey, love wins and that is how they show love. Let’s just call it tough love.

If you expect to get by unscathed just by keeping to yourself, being mindful of others, trying to accommodate everybody’s needs, trying not to get in trouble and ruffle the overly sensitive feathers of ultra-liberals, and steering clear of their hustling, even then there is a chance you might get crucified and have your right to exist promptly revoked by the angry legion. You see, simply being associated with a particular identity, like being white, is an offense if you do not publicly debase yourself and “check your privilege”. Even so, you’d better watch it so you don’t cause microaggressions, or minor perceived slights that supposedly have a large impact on the feelings of the “oppressed”, which can be caused simply by everyday behavior. In short, there is no way you can be safe from persecution from radical activist groups.

Thus, in light of all this, do radical progressives really intend to do something to curb prejudice and discrimination, or do they really want to undertake a radical transformation of society in their own image and likeness, where they shall reign supreme and others shall be ostracized from public debate and beat into submission? Are they trying to do good and contribute to the evolution of society into a less divisive, more inclusive place by promoting mutual understanding and compassion, or do they want to blow up the divide and poison relations by seeking special treatment and fostering a rift between groups of people?

You be the judge.

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