Yes, They Want Your Guns

Rolling Stone carried an article today written by someone who claimed to be a constitutional professor, with the headline that read ‘Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment.’  The article sites how the document has been wrong on a few issues in the past—like slavery—and so, clearly, the document is wrong too about the right of Americans to keep firearms.  Especially since we just had the deadliest mass shooting to take place in this country to remind us all that guns, seemingly, must be the problem.

Rolling Stone’s contributor here is full of it. The bodies weren’t even cold before this became about gun control.

The President, meanwhile, gave a speech in which he specifically mentioned how difficult it is to track terrorist activities and terrorists operating inside the country, and that it’s far easier to track gun sales.  It turns out, the US has a fair amount of experience with terrorists who don’t use guns to commit their attacks.  And it turns out, it has a greater amount of experience with gun owners who never kill anyone.

So let’s put these two things together.  A) Leftist college professors and media outlets believe that our government should further restrict our right to own a firearm, because firearms are things that hurt and kill people.  B)  Our government admits publically that it has difficulty tracking terrorists, who hurt and kill people, and not always with guns.  What exactly am I supposed to take away from these two things?  Oh, right: leftists want us to trust the government with our wellbeing, because we can’t be trusted to provide for our own wellbeing.  Because we should legislate sweeping regulations that restrict our ability to defend ourselves based on the actions of a minority of people to whom these actions are supposedly designed to address.

Pundits and memesters like to smugly point out that every mass shooting carried out in the US happens to contain two similarities: first, that guns were used in them, and second, that they took place in this country.  How astute!

This is a classic misdiagnosis of the problem entirely—and a blatantly opportunistic misdiagnosis at that.

It’s estimated that about a third of American adults own at least one gun, which puts the number at around 106 million people as of 2015.  That year, 12,942 were killed by firearms.  Let’s put this in perspective using a comparison that gun control advocates absolutely hate hearing about: in 2014, there were about 214 million licensed drivers in the united states, and in the same year, 32,675 people were killed in car crashes.  The numbers speak for themselves; there are roughly twice as many people licensed to drive a car under the law, and yet they are responsible for almost three times as many deaths as gun owners.  But car accidents don’t make the news and aren’t as spectacular as shootings—so naturally there isn’t any particular movement to ban vehicles that can go faster than 80mph or civilian-owned vehicles that can carry more than four or five people.

But this is all arguing the wrong thing, Democrats claim.  It’s not about how many people get killed.  It’s about the purpose of the tool.  Cars don’t exist to murder people, they say.  And they’re right.  But guns don’t exist to murder people, either.  Guns exist to kill what’s put in front of them.  Calling that ‘murder’ implies that the target is innocent of threat or wrongdoing.  ‘Kill’ makes no such distinction.  To treat the terms the same is to ignore the notion that actions have consequences, to flip the entire concept of justice on its head, and to so utterly devalue the worth of human life as to render it meaningless and trivial.

Leftist Democrats believe we are the Bitter Clingers worthy of exclusion from their so-believed intelligent conversation: idiots and rednecks, racists, and when not these things, silly jokes, and when not these things, hypocrites and adulterers, and when not these things, violent domestic terrorists.  These same leftists believe that the life of the man murdering another man is of equal value to the life of the man being murdered, and that while it is generally wrong to murder people, it would be equally wrong for the victim to have tried to defend himself with lethal force.  Because, you see, there will always be murderers in society, but we should do our best to discourage our law-abiding non-murderers from wantonly killing each other in self-defense, they claim.

It’s past time to face the truth.  The leftist lunatics in power right now want to take your guns.  Not Mohammed’s; they can’t track his actions, anyway.  Not the murderer’s; they can’t control him, anyway.  Yours.

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