This Crap Makes Me Want To Puke

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks.  There have been reports and scandals that have resurfaced only to be batted around like tennis balls.  There have been terrible crimes committed by terrorists.  There have been protests and almost-riots.  And worst of all, none of this has passed without the all-consuming weight of the Narrative dragging it screaming into the public sphere.

Let’s start with the most disgusting, if not perhaps the most gruesome: Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, winner of the semi-centennial award for Most Corrupt US Politician (and in the running for the Centennial award of the same moniker), secured for herself a pass by FBI director James Comey.  Why?  Well, it’s hard to tell.  Comey’s damning press statement acknowledged that Clinton had lied every step of the way during the investigation; she had multiple devices with which she accessed emails, she had multiple servers on which she kept official government correspondence at her private residence, she kept at least 110 emails marked classified (a federal offense) that they had found on private servers, there were many more emails that her attorneys had succeeded in scrubbing from the hardware that were nigh-irretrievable at this point, and—the coup de grâce—there is extremely high likelihood that her servers had been hacked, as they had lower security protocols than even commercial email services like what Google offers.  Yes, presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton actually kept classified information on private servers easier to crack than Gmail.  Words are incapable of expressing the magnitude of this woman’s incompetence, though we should be used to it by now.

And that’s not even all of it.  About a month ago now, the Benghazi report came out that also damned every element of the narrative so carefully crafted by the Clinton machine over the past several years, revealing beyond shadow of a doubt that she rolled over and did nothing to help the consulate, the ambassador, the staff, and the Americans who died during the coordinated attack on the American posts in the Libyan city.

So within the space of about three or four weeks, not only has it been proven that the ex-Secretary of State’s hands are mired in American blood, she’s also responsible for what could turn out to be the worst intelligence leak in recent history—as bad if not worse than Snowden’s intentional espionage in terms of both content and volume.  The US will be paying for this for decades, in addition to the utter calamity that this administration has allowed to happen under its watch abroad.

As for Comey’s unwillingness to recommend indictment?  He inserts a charge of intent into the law that simply doesn’t exist.  Hillary didn’t mean to be so bloody incompetent with her treatment of classified information.  She just couldn’t help herself.  Because she was, you know, completely unqualified to be holding the position that she did—er, I mean, because she was probably bartering actively the information for personal favors—er, I mean, because uh… well you know, she’s old, and a woman, and I mean, really now, she’s a CLINTON; what did you expect?  And Comey knows the intent angle is bullshit.  His grilling last week in front of a congressional panel made that obvious.  The Administration itself knows the intent angle is bullshit.  Literally everyone knows that intent angle is bullshit.  So why bother toting it out at all?

Because they don’t care.  The President and his administration of the last eight years have made it clear that they know people will catch them on their corruption—that, in fact, they already have.  Multiple times.  And the public, for its part, has made it very clear that it will not seek accountability.  Commentators will write their retarded posts like this one yammering off into the void, screaming on top of rooftops and hoping to drown out the adhans and the BLM slogans and the gunfire in the streets, but ultimately none of it really amounts to anything except strife among the card-carriers on the ground.  The bureaucrats in Washington are carefully insulated and the media establishment is too cushioned by their own ideals to pursue investigation.  Too cushioned, or perhaps more likely, too incompetent.  The pervasiveness of such incompetence seems indicative that it’s more of a contagion in Washington than anything third world mosquitoes could carry.

They know they can get away with it because they know they can treat the populace like a bunch of inept morons who likewise are too incompetent to organize and do anything.  And they’re right.  We aren’t going to organize and do anything.  We just want to be left the hell alone.  The problem is there are fewer and fewer places in the popular sphere to run to now.

Predictably, the pundits are calling this the end of the rule of law in America.  They’re not all wrong.  But the rule of law ended long before all this crap.  We have allowed to fester the very culture that has made this possible.  Strap in, my friends.  This ride already makes me want to vomit and keep vomiting until I’m puking up piss.

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