The 2016 DNC Bonanza (And It Hasn’t Even Started Yet)

This past weekend, a massive leak of emails between high members of the Democratic National Committee, the media, and other important figures related to the Clinton machine hit Wikileaks, revealing, to absolutely no-one’s surprise except the guidable and delusional pro-Hillary supporters, that the entire convention had been stacked against her opposition from the start.  As a result, Debbie Wasserman Schultz not only stepped down from her position as DNC Chair, she’s also submitted her resignation to officially join the Hillary campaign.  Whether this is a move to reward her long service at the DNC as a Clinton agent, or instead a way for the Machiavellian regime to keep even closer tabs on her after the failure of having gotten caught so obviously, is anyone’s guess.

Yesterday, news came out that she has also passed the opening gavel over to the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  Brace yourselves.  The jokes literally write themselves.

Ms. Blake, it should be remembered, let rioters burn down city blocks—not because the police were incapable of enforcing law and order, but because they were given stand-down orders so that any rioters who wished to destroy and loot things would then have space to destroy and loot things.  Why?  Well, presumably, the Mayor believed that letting her constituents burn down and pillage their neighborhoods would vent some frustrations.  It doesn’t seem to have mattered to her that the people whose neighborhood was being burnt to cinders were also part of her constituency—but I guess their rights don’t matter.  They don’t yell loud enough or have a meme-able slogan.  Shame the people worked at that CVS didn’t feel the same way.  Were they Democrats?  What about the people who owned all the cars that were torched?  Never mind, it doesn’t matter.

As it turned out, there were many ‘demonstrators’ who were bused into Baltimore from out of town.  So maybe the people burning down the neighborhood weren’t the people that lived there after all.  B-but, wait, that would mean that the Mayor let a bunch of vagrants demolish a couple city blocks just because of some political agenda!  Er, wait, not even!  Just a narrative—she didn’t benefit from any of this at all!

She’s a Democrat, folks.  We’ve had eight years of this crap already.

Ms. Blake, it should be remembered, presides over a city council and a police department that are both more than fifty percent black, indicating clearly that the very things that sparked off the riots in the first place—BLM’s calls for the dismantling of institutional racism and the favoring of minority groups over a tyrannical White majority, as evidenced, they believed, by the handling and death of Freddie Gray—are all self-refuting nonsense that require leaps in logic so mindboggling as to make Scientologists looks reasonable.

In any case, handing off the opening gavel to this woman is only fitting, as her handling of the Baltimore riots might spell a foreshadowing of how the DNC convention is going to go.  Not only has her governance of Baltimore displayed a remarkable microcosm of the Obama regime, the DNC so far has also been dressing itself up in the garish colors of Leftist self-abasement so indicative of their rule.

And it’s clear that none of it is working if you watched Sarah Silverman on stage last night in front of a divided and uproarious crowd as she fell flat on her face.  Not only was her delivery fetid and crude—more so even than normal—but even her haughty mask of smug self-satisfaction cracked under the strain of confronting a crowd so vehemently indignant.  These celebrities call for unity and togetherness while simultaneously vilifying half of their voter base.  It should make you wonder, Sarah, why are all these people pissed?  They only just found out that the game they were playing was impossible to win from the start, and now you’re one of the people trying to badger them into line.  “We need unity!  So do as I tell you!  I know we just completely conned you suckers, but sheesh, don’t be so unreasonable!”

On that note, the impressionable voters that naively rallied around Sanders have been given their comeuppance as well; Sanders has not only endorsed Hillary once, but now twice just in the last day.  Sanders himself has been getting booed off the stage now twice in the last twenty four hours.  His endorsement—one that amounts to prioritizing the victory of the candidate whose ideals are quite literally the entire embodiment of everything his primary platform was running against—antithetical in more ways to Sander’s campaign than even Trump’s platform was—is falling on deaf ears.

As someone who saw Sanders’ socialist rallying cries as cowardly projections from a commie-sympathizing emasculated lazy do-nothing, I can only sit back with the popcorn and watch this debacle spiral out of control with glee.  The chickens are coming home to roost, Bernie; the crowds you whipped up into frenzies decrying capitalism in all of its evils had singled you out as their protector.  Now you take that blazing torch of socialist furor and set fire to whatever name you had as you side with the most unabashedly corrupt politician in recent memory.  Finally, these memes about Sanders’ honesty can be put to rest for good.

And this is the sort of thing that should be expected of socialists.  A worldview that deifies human frailty generates the very ideologues whose moral relativism renders them incapable of self-sacrifice.  Whatever revolutionary goal the Socialist can pay lip service to, his ends serve only the image of Man in his imagination—the image of Man reflected in the mind’s eye of that Socialist.  The masses of people chanting their anti-capitalist slogans can be never more than objects of his own vindication—while he’s in vogue—or retribution—when the mob finally screams for his blood.

There is poetic justice to found when observing now the average ‘Bernie bro’: the angry child whose over-bloated rhetoric reveals the frightened, broken, solitary soul too blackened by doubt and self-disgust to put his faith in a power greater than the limited confines of his own frailty; instead he vested what hopes he had in an aging relic of the previous destructive generation who, staying true to his personal conscience and lack moral compass, sold out every single one of his followers.  Broken and maddened, the Bernie Bro must come again to terms with his loneliness in a world where the light of God cannot penetrate the blindness he points toward his soul.  So, should the thought of that blindness be too much to bear, he will ignore it and he will ignore his fellow Bernie Bros and he will endorse Hillary.  Or, should that blindness finally rend asunder the dissonance of the Socialist’s metaphysical frustration, perhaps confrontation with Sanders’ unapologetic lying could be the first flicker of light he’ll recognize.

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