Justice Department? Who Needs One of Those?

A few days ago, the US Justice Department, headed by US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, declined the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation, one of the ugliest, slimiest-looking non-profit fundraising organization this side of Hades.  And as it turns out, three of the DOJ’s own field offices also wanted to investigate the Foundation, and, predictably, their requests were also rejected.  Why is this a big deal?  Good question, because this isn’t really breaking news across the country.  A massive non-profit headed by an ex-president and his wife, an ex-secretary of state, both of whom have been mired in political scandals for the entirety of their respective political careers, which funnels hundreds of millions of dollars regularly from donors ranging from highly regarded businessmen to foreign nationals and dictators of oppressive regimes, which is being accused of corruption allegations on a global scale, and the DOJ doesn’t even want to investigate?  If this organization was run by a republican and his wife—say, Mitt Romney—everyone at the top of this foundation would already have been subpoenaed by now.

No big deal though.  At this point, it looks to me like Americans simply don’t care.  The media’s misdirection tactics—as blatant and insultingly dumb that they are—really do work.  Big Clinton scandal coming up?  Well, let’s focus on Trump talking about a baby.  FBI director Comey comes out in broad daylight and says that everything Hillary has told us about her emails are blatant and unabashed lies?  Trump’s gaffs about Mexicans or women or Muslims or something should suffice for a good headline.  Hillary can’t even keep her own story straight about how to defend herself on these classified email leaks from her servers, or the DNC rigging, or Benghazi, or the Foundation?  Generate instead a news cycle about Trump talking nonsense about “second amendment people”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

It’s no secret that the media shills hard for the Democrats, and it’s no secret that Trump steps on every mousetrap they have out for him.  Nor is it a secret that Trump’s an awful candidate and, apparently, an even worse general election campaigner (seriously, if he’d just gone into a coma right before the RNC, he’d already have this election in the bag and have leads in the double digits by now).  But the point remains: there are alternate news sources now.  The Clinton Foundation’s corruption problems should be common knowledge at this point—to say nothing of the obvious conflicts in logic regarding Comey’s decision not to recommend prosecution over the Clinton email server.  Does anyone really believe that the rule of law exists anymore?

This goes beyond your standard media shilling.  I think a substantial portion of our population has lost interest in any sense of justice that resembles the classical definition of the term.  Meanwhile, a loud minority of hard-Left commie scumbags that screech uncontrollably (mostly from college campuses) the Marxist-Leninist buzzwords of social justice seems to have lulled the rest of us into a state of apathetic semi-comatose disgust that has made us more receptive to the complete hijacking of the political process.  Justice requires courts, objective arbiters, or at the very least, a rule of standards against which wrongdoing can be measured.  Social justice just requires angry mobs fueled by the so-typical anti-moral modern sentiment, and some guillotines—although in a period of economic uncertainty, pink slips can suffice.

Between this Leftist garbage that has pitted parts of this country against its own cops, other parts against its own skin color, and the rest of it against its own political establishments—and the political establishment even against itself—there is no room anymore for trust in government.  If you can’t trust the government, you can’t be expected to believe in the rule of law.

Forget the intricacies of RICO prosecutions and the specifics of the Clinton Foundation’s specific violations.  Forget trying to explain all of that to your average voter.  It can’t be explained in your fifteen-second soundbite or ninety second youtube spot, and it requires vocabulary that most of you would probably have to look up, to say nothing of how boring all that legalese is.  And forget trying to distill the important stuff down—Hillary literally sold out her position as Secretary of State for personal favors, bartering the weight of the US government itself to foreign leaders and businesses—because jeez, that’s the sort of talk that reeks of A VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY.  And you eat it up, because she said so, because you’ve been conditioned to believe literally everything she says.  And it’s unbearably disgusting to watch America—the land of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, et al—sink to such a level of self-abasement that it will willingly install someone like this to the highest position of the land.  At least in 2008, Obama pretended like he cared.  Hillary can’t even do that.

Put me in the ground.  Let me sleep until all of this is over.  Wake me up after November or after we’ve balkanized so that I can move to Texas, whichever comes first.

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