QNUW: One Year Later

Hello.  It’s been a year.

QNUW was started more or less as a joke that we began to take seriously.  Shame on us.

The original intent of QNUW was to be the launch pad for an internet forum.  We hadn’t really figured out what the forum would be centered around at the time, so we figured conjuring up a small reader base from a collaborative blog project would help generate interest.  As of yet, this forum has not actually been made.  Obviously, large forums centered around self-governed free discourse and exchanges of ideas already exist in the form of the Chans and, to some degree, Reddit.  They’re massive spaces and they’ve both been around for years, if not close to decades.  In other words, such a niche is both logistically difficult and feasibly impractical to both fill and maintain.

Launched on September 30th, 2015, QNUW was intended to fill that gap.  Arts and entertainment, including reviews, analyses and commentaries on popular culture, travels, and media were intended to be the stepping stone to build a reader base up before springing into more politically-charged social commentaries.  That didn’t last long.  It became apparent, both from the initial projections about QNUW’s nearly non-existent reader base, as well as my previous experiences contributing to the film review blog Forced Perspective circa 2010-2012 or so, that the demographic we’d be targeting and the sheer levels of competition there would not yield a very formative base.  We decided to split the difference and, without much concern, I began publishing my own political and social commentaries by January of 2016.

Our reader base is still very small.  We do not promote ourselves actively enough and, since maintaining QNUW itself is still very much a side-project of mine while I focus on writing, music, and my life outside the internet, I have been lax in trying to get QNUW off the ground.  The same can be said for the other members on our team.  In addition, while we had originally planned to start a forum around QNUW, today that seems to be of little need.  We may readdress this goal in the future, but for the time being, QNUW’s existence is an end unto itself.  I use it primarily as a platform for my own thoughts on the culture, and our members, as well as anyone who reads QNUW and wishes to contribute, are encouraged to do so as well.

This is not to say that QNUW’s publication status is that of a centrist, non-affiliated blog.  The content speaks for itself, and I stand behind everything I’ve personally written.  We are, however, not endorsed by or paid by anyone.  QNUW remains financially independent and self-sponsored.  We’re working on a method to get donations going, but given that QNUW’s actual expenses remain zero—at least in terms of actual cash expenses—there’s little priority for that.

Where QNUW Stands Now

By now, my posting habits and schedule has largely evened out.  I publish a weekly column every Friday which varies in specific topic, although I usually try to do brief analyses of particular elements of conservatism.  Often my focus will include broader elements of cultural decay or political critique.  In addition, I try to get out a review of something every Tuesday, but that’s a little less guaranteed.  As for topical commentary on current events, I generally post those whenever the thoughts strikes me, and lately, that the ‘current events’ have been moving so fast that I barely have the time to write something worthwhile before it’s onto the next drama.

My goal with regards to writing for QNUW is to pump out better quality material for the coming year.  I want to make conservative political theory accessible to mainstream internet users while continuing also to point out the pitfalls and problems with political, social, and cultural Leftism.  I want to make conservatism interesting and relevant specifically to teenagers and twenty-somethings who to date have been fed far too many fallacies and lies regarding human nature and the purpose of government, among other topics.  Also, I want to make Christianity an appealing, defensible position for those who view the Western decline with revulsion and disgust.

My goal with regards to running QNUW is to offer, at the very least, alternatives for young men and women to the prevailing ideologies of the internet.  Leftism, and over the past year, the Alt-Right, have come to swallow online discourse because they are visceral, intimate, and emotionally-charged responses where conservatism has colloquially been staid, detached, and overly analytical in the argumentation of its points.  The problems conservatism has faced for decades, even before the internet itself, was the difficultly most conservative leaders had attaching a personality to their beliefs, as well as interacting with the young people who grow into the movement.  While my own brand of doom and gloom writing is perhaps a little too familiar to conservative readers, QNUW’s writing staff features enough variety for just about any reader to find something interesting to look into.  QNUW’s staff does not even have a political consensus aside from our contributors all remaining right of center on most issues—the degree, however, varies.  This sort of ideological diversity is a strength.

As a reader, you can expect more of the same as QNUW moves into its second year.  We anticipate brining on some other contributors—guests, more than likely—and, for the foreseeable future, my posts will continue with whatever regularity I’m capable of demonstrating.  My goal is to keep the quality of content being published here high.  I think that speaks for itself in the long-term.  In addition, other wings of QNUW are likely to be opened, including a section dedicated to original fiction, video content, and possibly public livestreaming.  No concrete plans yet exist, but the groundwork is being talked about.

If you like QNUW and want to see more of it, let us know.  Comment on posts, like stuff, share it, follow us, etc.  We have ideas on further content creation but, at the moment, little reason or faculty to implement them.

It’s been a year.  Thanks for reading.  We’ll see you again.

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