“The Writer is a Senior Official in the Trump Administration.”

Yesterday, The New York Times dropped a controversial anonymous op-ed piece which stated, in just under a thousand words, that there were persons within the Trump administration who were actively sabotaging or otherwise resisting the actions of the President.  The writer claimed to be a senior-ranking official of the administration, and his piece describes how the President doesn’t seem to be fully aware of the efforts to curb his intentions.  It also explains, humorlessly, the erraticism of Trump’s behavior so popularized by the mainstream media.  And the writer, eager to stand on credentials that he’s unwilling to actually bring to light, simultaneously presents this covert splinter cell of political resistance to be well-intentioned patriots who are, presumably, republican loyalists (both small ‘r’ and of the GOP, in this case) rather than agents of the opposition.  It is for the country’s own good, apparently, that the efforts of its President are sabotaged.

I’ll get right to my point: the article is a fantasy.  Maybe it did originate from someone even within the White House itself—something worthy of doubt until whomever wrote it steps forward.  Maybe it came from some dissatisfied government appointee or head of a bureau.  If it originated inside at all, the chances of it being someone important seem slim to none.  My money, if I was a betting man, would be that it was mostly fabricated from the beginning: one of those conveniently-addressed brown envelopes left on a desk someplace that the staff wouldn’t bother investigating.

Go read the whole piece.  It hits every bullet point on the New York Times’ personalized Trump Bingo Card: Trump’s mental instability, his fabled private erraticism, his flip-flopping on matters of dramatic policy, the existence of “good guy Republicans” who satisfy the liberal narrative (the #NeverTrumpers), and the apparently bewildering fact that despite the efforts of places like the Times to write the narrative, Trump’s administration really has made things better than they were under Obama.  The latter of these is explained away by the amusing inclusion of the term “two-track presidency,” no doubt an attempt to coin another buzzword for future use in order to explain away the distinct improvement in the country under the paradoxically tyrannical orange dictator of golfing.

The existence of this administrative insider is irrelevant to what I’m talking about.  If he’s fake, then this turns out to be another example of the press trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public with regards to the Trump Administration.  It’ll have been another unremarkable blip in their attempt to write the narrative of these years that will be forgotten in about a week, when the news cycle has completely laundered itself.

If, on the other hand, it’s an authentic leak, and the op-ed was written up by an actual member of Trump’s administration, very little changes.  The urban-elite narrative pushed by the New York Times is not the narrative of history or the narrative of reality; it is a fantasy imposed upon the American public and the rest of the world.  It is propaganda.  It’s worse than that, actually: it’s all political drama, packaged in the form of news and sold to liberal America with the purpose of entrenching their political opinions.  That this narrative could have embedded itself into the minds of those who run the country shouldn’t be a surprise—the last administration, after all, was piloted by just such cronies.

It’s this urban narrative, preached by the New York Times and the rest of the big media outlets, which can convince people that the sky isn’t actually blue, males aren’t actually men, and up is actually down.  The IngSoc doublethink of George Orwell’s satire was almost right; language can be used to shape people’s impressions about reality, or at least the impressions of it that are poorly made after centuries of post-enlightenment nonsense has been drilled into their heads.

But the problem isn’t that the government will be the entity responsible for leading us all astray.  The Soviet government tried that last century, but everyone in Russia knew that the Pravda was false.  The American government, even during the last administration, was only ever repeating the talking points of a narrative that has turned out to be much larger than itself.

Whom do the media serve?  Whom does globalism benefit?  Why is so much money and time dumped into pushing blatantly absurd ideologies—and why are the ones who push this stuff always huge, SJW-compromised corporations?  Why would they bother when so often they’re actually losing money in promoting this crap?

The reality is that the urbanites at your college campuses only repeat the narrative because all of their friends do it.  It’s a fashion statement, just like their ridiculous thick-framed glasses and the Death Grips on their phones.  For them, the narrative of Trump’s mental health is yet another useless bit of trivia that serves to keep them in a heightened state of prideful indignation while they wait impatiently for the Starbucks barista to get them their soy-infused Frappuccino.  The ones that believe in these Alt-Right and neo-Nazis memes fervently enough might show up to a few rallies or LARP as anarchists while they get beaten by cops or people with BMIs that nearly resemble Perseus.  These aren’t the people to be worried about.

Who should worry you?  How about the ones at the FBI who, even after having been caught in the act, see no problem in plotting against the President of the United States?  How about the ones who haven’t got a problem standing on a podium and demanding, vigorously, to destabilize and bomb a sovereign nation on the other side of the planet over faked allegations of chemical weapon usage?  How about the ones who have taken it upon themselves to crash entire economies using imported labor?

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