End of the Year Update: The State of QNUW for 2019

Hello friends, subscribers, and new guys.  I’m taking a break from typical QNUW content for a minute to address the state of the site itself.  Big changes are coming in 2019.


I’m changing platforms for my blog and moving over to WordPress.org’s client.  It’s a bit of a hassle to move all this stuff, but with WordPress.com informing me that beginning next year I’ll be hefted with additional fees for my domain, I decided to just shoulder 100% of those costs and cut out the middleman.  In exchange, I have more work that I need to service on the back end of the website, but it means I can use plugins, have much more direct control over my domain, and I don’t have to worry about being kicked off of my own service for whatever reason.

Nothing should change for you guys.  The web address should remain the same and the content will remain of the same (or hopefully, better) quality that you’ve come to expect from me.  I recently just broke 100 followers on the blog, and the number keeps going up.  I realize this is a miniscule number in comparison to the successful writers on the platform, but for me, who does very very little outreach or marketing of my writing, this is quite a benchmark.  I’m grateful for what attention my writing has gained and I hope to interact more with all of you more in the future.


The site design is going to undergo a bit of an overhaul.  With the new platform comes a more sophisticated toolbox for me to figure out how to use, but it also means that some of the easier pre-packaged themes and designs are absent.  I think it’s time QNUW upgraded its presentation to something more reader-friendly anyhow.  In addition, I’m looking to merge the sort of content I was writing on QNUW’s subsidiary blog, The Nightly Grind, with QNUW itself in order to keep the traffic all going to the same place.  This requires a presentation better suited toward post prioritization and the like, as QNUW’s main thrust has always been longer-form opinion pieces.  It just so happens that shorter, less-formal blog posts on more timely subjects are things I’d like to continue pursuing as well.  I’m still ironing out the kinks of the presentation, but it’ll be live by next month, so stay tuned!

Podcast & Future Videos

Next on the agenda is to start dabbling more with video and streaming.  A new computer is in the works, and in fact has been since summertime.  I just have to, you know, make sure I can afford it, and then order the parts,  and then put it together, and then get some OS stuff running, etc. etc. etc.  Eventually I’ll have a machine powerful enough to do more video editing in a fashion that doesn’t involve letting the machine process a single clip for two hours.

I hope to turn some of my posts into not only podcasts, which I started doing a few months ago and quickly fell behind doing, but actual videos.  Since video work is so much more time consuming to produce, I’d probably pick only my best pieces to do that to.  Naturally, some retrospective editing or additions to that content would take place so the videos don’t end up being direct one-to-one replications of the articles in question.  I don’t have a timeline for that quite yet, but I can say for certain that the audio-only podcasts will resume their schedule sometime in January.

Weekly Show

On a related note, I expect to get the QNUWcast back up and running starting sometime near the end of January or the beginning of February.  For those unfamiliar with the QNUWcast, check out QNUW’s YouTube page for the archives.  Bring one up and leave it in the background while you slave away at your desk or do your housework at home.  We only did six or seven episodes, but by the time we stopped it seemed like we had just figured ourselves out and begun to hit a groove.  Unfortunately, due to many circumstances—some blessed, some seemingly cursed—we had to quit just while it was getting good.  Fortunately, it looks like both my cohost and I are able to bring it back relatively soon.  As we grow the channel, I look forward to pursuing interviews with some of the figures I’ve written about and taken influence from.  Shoot for the moon!

Your Support

Like I mentioned before, I’m very happy and grateful for the subscribers and comments I’ve received, and I look forward to continuing my work trying to bring to the table a neo-reactionary perspective informed by the Catholic tradition and Holy Scripture.  I want to keep my content relevant to today, but also drawing from the past.  And while it may seem like a Quixotic enterprise, decrying the abject moral and aesthetic poverty of the modern experiment, all the same it’s not something I can just stop writing about for as long as anyone will listen.

QNUW is a 100% self-funded project.  The posts and articles, the audio transcriptions and podcasts (when I actually upload them), the photography and imagery—all of these are products of my own creation.  Periodically I’ll hunt down a more appropriate stock image, but of the hundred-some posts I’ve made over the last several years, I’ve only not used my own work for post headers about four or five times.

Like most creators, I’d be thrilled if I could make even a dime off of what is essentially a hobby.  I realize I could just go to work for some media mogul or send my work into magazines or possibly even journals in order to get more exposure and a few dollars out of it, but given the nature of much of my content, the only places that would publish my work are more often than not the same sort of publications that I’d like QNUW one day to stand alongside.

With that in mind, there are some ebooks I have planned down the line, as well as some physical paperbacks I’d like to compile and self-publish for those of you who, like me, prefer to hold something in your hands that can’t watch you while you’re using it.  With the new platform and the help of PayPal, I plan to start offering some of these directly through my site.  We’ll see how it goes!

And lastly, I’m keeping my eye on a few new crowdfunding platforms as alternatives to Patreon, and if one pops up that seems worthwhile then I might jump in there and see about creating some perks for subscribers.  In the meantime, enjoy QNUW ad-free, and if you like what you read or hear, consider dumping some loose change in the PayPal tip jar.

Your support, be it in donations, subscribing, commenting, or even simply liking the post, helps me keep going.  I love you all.  Pray for the world.  I will see everyone again in 2019!

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