REVIEW: SJWs Always Double Down – Vox Day (Castelia House, 2017)

Rewind for a second.  It’s 2016 again.  Donald Trump is allegedly in last-place during the Republican primaries.  Google has been accused, though as of yet no evidence has actually come forward that would convince the Left, of being so compromised by SJWs that they’re censoring and omitting search results with their engine.  Facebook, also, has been accused of burying conservative articles in the newsfeed.  Twitter’s been kicking people off their platform.  But so far, the fact that nearly every relevant person of interest who has been censored, de-platformed, or buried under cat videos and Buzzfeed drivel has been center-right or right-leaning is just, as they claim, a narrative.  They insist: there’s nothing there.  We all remember that year, and we also remember the vindication that came the following year: there was not only something there, there was a whole shitstorm there. Continue reading “REVIEW: SJWs Always Double Down – Vox Day (Castelia House, 2017)”

Trump 2017

It’s the first Friday since the election.  What a week!

While far from being a Trump supporter, I admit that it was easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm.  Trump won—and he didn’t win by a narrow margin, either.  Even now, the electoral votes aren’t finished coming in, and neither is the popular vote.  But by the electoral vote alone, he’s expected to win Michigan—that would bring his final tally up to an expected 305.  Meanwhile, the Republicans have maintained control of the House, the Senate, most state governorships, and a plethora of state legislatures.  This is called a mandate.  The question on everyone’s minds now is, what next?  Continue reading “Trump 2017”

It’s Almost Over.

It’s 2016.  Trump is, at this point, slated to win the election.  He seems like a bigot and a blowhard, a New York liberal wearing GOP getup, and blonde orange machine of destruction.  He probably is most of those things.  Meanwhile, Clinton’s camp is in ruins, for the time being.  Tuesday is the election, but with every day yielding the number or headlines expected of a whole month of news, that’s still a quarter of a year away.  Could she still win?  Certainly.  Could the votes be rigged?  Certainly.  Could Trump still win?  Absolutely.  At this point, it’s his election to lose. Continue reading “It’s Almost Over.”

One of These Two Disasters Is Going to be President

Election day draws nearer for those fortunate enough to have an iota of faux-political power in these great United States, and predictably, the seething antagonistic rhetoric indicative of the deep cultural divides in our nation ramps up by the day.  We have a mere eleven days left before we all have the option to stroll dejectedly into our voting booths to pull the lever for the new face of evil that will guide our political lives for the next four years.  Those of us that are afraid of Hillary’s landslide victory are busy stocking up on weapons and ammunition, fresh water, and canned food—although, in this particular writer’s case, it’s unfortunately a little too late to begin digging that fallout shelter he always wanted.  Those of us that are afraid of Trump’s landslide victory are also busy stocking up on weapons and ammunition, fresh water, and canned food—although, for some of our more liberal friends, they might have some ethical consternations about buying that dangerously seductive AR-15 available at their nearest Wal-Mart.  In any case, as a nation, we are preparing for the worst, because the worst is what is, in all probability, to be upon us soon. Continue reading “One of These Two Disasters Is Going to be President”

A Drink for the Final Days of the Republic

I jest.  The republic of the United States ended some time ago, replaced instead with the bureaucratic monster of suffrage and suffering amiably monikered democracy, a phrase as bloated in use as it is bereft of value.  In any case, the times are darker now than they have been in recent memory—which is saying a lot, considering the dark road the country has trod for the past eight years, and then the slightly less-dark road it was on for the eight before that.  Terrorism threatens us abroad, as do the greater giants of the wakening powers outside of the isolated, comfortable EU sphere.  And economic ruin threatens us at home, and crime, and the burning cities and broken communities left in the wake of the most recent storms of activism and, well, democracy.  Election day looms as we enter the final act of this farce.

So what else is a man to do but drink? Continue reading “A Drink for the Final Days of the Republic”

I’m Not A #NeverTrumper After All

Donald Trump is a walking disaster of a candidate.  He can’t explain what the role of government is supposed to be, he exemplifies the sort of fascistic dear leader idol-worshiping that characterizes Leftist demagogues, and his social and economic policies fall Left of center on almost every front—and that’s assuming anything he says even remotely reflects what he actually believes or plans to do should he win the Presidency.  Worse still, he’s now the de facto leader of the only major political party whose platform is supposed to be against all of these things.  Conservatism in the United States is supposed to value adherence to Constitutional and small governance, free trade and freer markets, and the importance of ideas over ethnicities, policies over rhetoric, and personal character over just about everything else.  Trump’s running for President is one thing; his hijacking of what stands in for the “Conservative” political party in this country is another. Continue reading “I’m Not A #NeverTrumper After All”

Mr. Cruz goes to Washington

People often fail to realize that their opinion of the world is often a confession of character

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

You may or may not have heard Boehnner’s remarks that Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh” [1] followed by his elaboration: “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”  This is actually the second time he called him that (first was during a Q&A session a month ago), but more important is that this is only the latest –and perhaps most vitriolic- expression of antipathy towards the Texas senator. Lindsey Graham compared a choice between him and Trump to being “shot or poisoned” some months before joking about killing him, candidate John McCain straight up called him “crazy,” ex-president Bush flat out said he “just didn’t like the guy,” Bob Dole expanded it to “no one likes him,” and the media is naturally more than gleeful to spread this around and tell everyone about what an awful guy he must be to draw all these attacks. You’d almost think they’ve decided Trump shall be the nominee or something, guess it must be the ratings. Continue reading “Mr. Cruz goes to Washington”

Hollywood Enables Fascism

With this current 2016 election year encapsulating all the bombast and fervor of our historical biases and terror, including loaded accusations of Soviet-style socialism in one candidate, corruption charges surpassing Nixonian standards in another candidate, attacks of ‘conservative radicalism’ (whatever that means) in a different candidate, and being literally Hitler in the last contender, I think it’s time we addressed the issues that tie all of these together: Fascism, politics, and the entertainment industry. Continue reading “Hollywood Enables Fascism”

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