Blade Runner 2049 Is No More Sexist Than Feminism Has Asked It To Be

The world of Blade Runner asks a lot of its audience.  At once futuristic, abstract, and startlingly familiar, the newest installment injects audiences into a dream-like expressionistic landscape populated by replicants, holograms, AI, dazzling architecture, and the occasional human being.  Surprisingly, 2049 manages to explore themes of humanity, companionship, and the relationship between the sexes that most science fiction stories leave either completely untouched or woefully underdeveloped.

This general analysis does contain spoilers. Continue reading “Blade Runner 2049 Is No More Sexist Than Feminism Has Asked It To Be”

REVIEW: Blade Runner 2049 (Denis Villeneuve, 2017)

If there’s only one time you want to make it to a movie theatre in 2017, it should be now.  This seems to be the only movie worth braving the crowds, incessant stench of over-buttered popcorn, traffic, and noise to go outside to watch.  It’s got everything anyone should want from a movie, except perhaps a satisfying finale.  And since I actually think it’s worth seeing, I’ll be avoiding spoilers for this review. Continue reading “REVIEW: Blade Runner 2049 (Denis Villeneuve, 2017)”

A Manly Film About Adolescent Trash – Logan (James Mangold, 2017)

In a time when the movie industry seems to stay afloat according to two extremes and very little middle ground, it’d be nice if a movie were to come along—like the ones from the old times—that had a little something for everyone in it.  Logan is not this movie.  Yet Logan doesn’t completely exist at either end of Hollywood’s extremes, either. Continue reading “A Manly Film About Adolescent Trash – Logan (James Mangold, 2017)”

The 2016 Death List

It’s over.  Liberals can, at last, breathe out a sigh of relief.  2016 can’t kill any more of their decadent dreams, debauched celebrity heroes, and media trustworthiness.  Everywhere, they disowned 2016—crying out in a voice dissimilar only in accent to their ugly English-reject comedian’s haughtiness, “it’s the current year, b-but, the current year sucks!  I mean, come on!”  2016 took with it their trust in the media pundits, their faith in a system that had been slanted in their favor for years, their ideologically purity of candidate Bernie Sanders and, later, the historical certainty, the fairness, of candidate Hillary Clinton.  It robbed them of the satisfaction that the last eight years of direct cultural warfare under President Obama had tried to tell them they deserved.  It laughed at their attempts to secure moral high grounds and shocked them when they realized that ironic anonymous internet trolls had better senses of humor than they did—or, even, that these trolls had senses of humor at all!  And of course, in its passing, 2016 took a long list of celebrities that many of the more shallow among us modeled our public opinions after. Continue reading “The 2016 Death List”

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