Are Video Games Art?

Spend enough time around internet forums and video games and you’ll encounter the same tired pseudo-intellectuals that pretend to philosophize about arts and entertainment.  There is always a trend, no matter the fandom, to take your hobby a little more seriously then it probably deserves.  There isn’t usually anything wrong with that, so long as you don’t go overboard and start calling it something it isn’t or investing unhealthy amounts of time into it.  Hobbies are, after all, hobbies. Continue reading “Are Video Games Art?”

Find Your Own Van Goh

There’s a distinct feeling of dread that accompanies crossing the threshold into the contemporary art galleries of a metropolitan museum.  You already know what you’re in for, and yet, every time, you get hit with the same feeling of disgust seeing exhibit after exhibit trying to flaunt its puerile sense of self-important meaninglessness.  Spend enough time there and you’ll certainly get jaded, but the disgust will never go away. Continue reading “Find Your Own Van Goh”

Why Are Writers Usually Leftists?

I’m not talking about your genre-fiction trash or your young adult garbage, although most of them are likely leftists as well.  I’m referring to the ever slimming margin of writers who write this ‘literary fiction’ stuff, the neatly categorized title for works that show a dimension of human spirit and effort otherwise alien to the annals of science fiction/fantasy pulps, mystery-thriller eye candy, or harlequin romance pornography.  I’m talking about the crap that’s going to be studied in fifty years’ time. Continue reading “Why Are Writers Usually Leftists?”

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