How to Hijack Conservatism 101

At one time, the term “neocon” referred to a specific group of presumably-reformed Trotskyites who had migrated away from the anti-Stalinist left.  They had found dissatisfaction with the way the conflict in Vietnam was being handled in the 1960s, and using the Cold War as an impetus, sought to limit the expansion of the Soviet regime through extremely active foreign involvement.  This involvement could have taken the form of minor espionage operations, but don’t be fooled: the neocons of the time were no strangers to advocating for the intervention of foreign affairs with the full might of the United States military. Continue reading “How to Hijack Conservatism 101”

Just Let Toddlers Vote

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida, a particular group of survivors have been received as youth activists in support of much harsher gun regulation.  The media, predictably, have been fawning over their actions, giving them the national platform attainable only, apparently, by striding over the corpses of their classmates to speak on a matter that, by their own admission, they know very little about.  Suggestions for the gun regulation fall into the same tired categories we’ve heard before—make the age restrictions higher, limit certain kinds of ammunition, blanket bans, etcetera—only this time, they’re coming from the mouths of babes. Continue reading “Just Let Toddlers Vote”

Political Centrism Is Not A Thing

“Nah, dude, I’m a centrist.”  The unamusing smugness of the statement belched out of your friend’s lips is enough to put anyone who’s invested an inkling of time into researching the topics at hand into a state of simmering rage.  “Everything in moderation.  Live and let live.  It is what it is.”  This is the type of person, you remind yourself, that smokes pot while tripping on psilocybin and compares it to religious experiences he admits to have never actually had.  This is the type of person, you remind yourself, who has trouble reading books and didn’t finish high school, smells of patchouli and marijuana, and claims to be “his own kind of Buddhist,” though he doesn’t seem to know what the eightfold path is when you ask about it.  This is the type of person, you remind yourself, that you shouldn’t be discussing politics with. Continue reading “Political Centrism Is Not A Thing”

R.I.P. Objective Journalism, Never – 2017

Lament the fall of journalism!  That such a great, magnificent field of human achievement has been corrupted—ah, what a shame!  Who now can know truth without those statuesque gatekeepers administering it to us?  Who now can know the specifics of public policy and bring us the facts of the situations on the ground?  Who now can know how best to explain to us poor plebian idiots the intricacies of politics on the Hill? Continue reading “R.I.P. Objective Journalism, Never – 2017”

It’s Almost Over.

It’s 2016.  Trump is, at this point, slated to win the election.  He seems like a bigot and a blowhard, a New York liberal wearing GOP getup, and blonde orange machine of destruction.  He probably is most of those things.  Meanwhile, Clinton’s camp is in ruins, for the time being.  Tuesday is the election, but with every day yielding the number or headlines expected of a whole month of news, that’s still a quarter of a year away.  Could she still win?  Certainly.  Could the votes be rigged?  Certainly.  Could Trump still win?  Absolutely.  At this point, it’s his election to lose. Continue reading “It’s Almost Over.”

Justice Department? Who Needs One of Those?

A few days ago, the US Justice Department, headed by US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, declined the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation, one of the ugliest, slimiest-looking non-profit fundraising organization this side of Hades.  And as it turns out, three of the DOJ’s own field offices also wanted to investigate the Foundation, and, predictably, their requests were also rejected.  Why is this a big deal?  Good question, because this isn’t really breaking news across the country.  A massive non-profit headed by an ex-president and his wife, an ex-secretary of state, both of whom have been mired in political scandals for the entirety of their respective political careers, which funnels hundreds of millions of dollars regularly from donors ranging from highly regarded businessmen to foreign nationals and dictators of oppressive regimes, which is being accused of corruption allegations on a global scale, and the DOJ doesn’t even want to investigate?  If this organization was run by a republican and his wife—say, Mitt Romney—everyone at the top of this foundation would already have been subpoenaed by now. Continue reading “Justice Department? Who Needs One of Those?”

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