The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 2 – Poe’s & Finn’s Un-Excellent Adventures

Read Part 1 of this analysis here.  This segment continues where we left off, diving right into the madness we’re supposed to accept as appropriate storytelling out of Poe’s and Finn’s arcs through The Last Jedi.  Poe will learn that leadership is subservience and that ignorance is knowledge, while Finn will learn that no cause is ever good enough to warrant dying for.  Except sometimes when it is. Continue reading “The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 2 – Poe’s & Finn’s Un-Excellent Adventures”

Heroism in the Modern World

As Hurricane Season 2017 has kicked into full swing with Charlie’s devastation and Irma’s impending doom, images of Houston’s floodwaters have been painted across every major media outlet worth its salt.  And rightfully so—the relief efforts deserve as much national attention as they do praise.  For some, it’s proof that even a politically divided landscape still comes together in times of need, as sad a statement as that sounds.  It’s almost as if, due to the poisonous rhetoric flung about by million-dollar news anchors and paper editors, people started to believe that partisan differences between conservatives and liberals had reached the point of lethality among common Americans. Continue reading “Heroism in the Modern World”

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