The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 5 – The Mouse Is Hungry

This has been an overlong analysis, but now it finally pays off.  What was the purpose of this film?  Why was it actually made, and why was it made so seemingly incompetently?  What did Disney hope to gain from it all?  Was it just a marketing endeavor?  Was the virtue signalling just the cherry on top?  Not exactly.  The Mouse is a bit more sinister than that. Continue reading “The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 5 – The Mouse Is Hungry”

The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 2 – Poe’s & Finn’s Un-Excellent Adventures

Read Part 1 of this analysis here.  This segment continues where we left off, diving right into the madness we’re supposed to accept as appropriate storytelling out of Poe’s and Finn’s arcs through The Last Jedi.  Poe will learn that leadership is subservience and that ignorance is knowledge, while Finn will learn that no cause is ever good enough to warrant dying for.  Except sometimes when it is. Continue reading “The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 2 – Poe’s & Finn’s Un-Excellent Adventures”

Wolverine, the MCU, and What Comic Book Movies Have Become

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is dog shit.  I’ve been working intermittently on a series of posts about it for about a year at this point, but I keep returning to the same fundamental problem.  There’s nothing there.  Almost every movie is the same movie, and every one of them sucks.

But how did we get here?  Is the MCU the logical continuation of the general trends in the comic book movie genre?  Do they reflect the prevailing interests and entertainment needs of society at large, do they cater to the lowest common denominator?  If they do, what’s changed, if anything? Continue reading “Wolverine, the MCU, and What Comic Book Movies Have Become”

Fireball/Fireball Charming

Beginning in 2008, Disney’s Japanese division (of all studios) released Fireball, following it in 2011 with a prequel series entitled Fireball Charming. The series achieved moderate (if somewhat short-lived) success, enough to net it a small amount of merchandise and the previously mentioned prequel series. Despite being somewhat obscure (it has never been released outside of Japan in any official form), it is an intriguing work, and at least in my opinion deserves a closer look. Continue reading “Fireball/Fireball Charming”

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