Justice Department? Who Needs One of Those?

A few days ago, the US Justice Department, headed by US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, declined the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation, one of the ugliest, slimiest-looking non-profit fundraising organization this side of Hades.  And as it turns out, three of the DOJ’s own field offices also wanted to investigate the Foundation, and, predictably, their requests were also rejected.  Why is this a big deal?  Good question, because this isn’t really breaking news across the country.  A massive non-profit headed by an ex-president and his wife, an ex-secretary of state, both of whom have been mired in political scandals for the entirety of their respective political careers, which funnels hundreds of millions of dollars regularly from donors ranging from highly regarded businessmen to foreign nationals and dictators of oppressive regimes, which is being accused of corruption allegations on a global scale, and the DOJ doesn’t even want to investigate?  If this organization was run by a republican and his wife—say, Mitt Romney—everyone at the top of this foundation would already have been subpoenaed by now. Continue reading “Justice Department? Who Needs One of Those?”

The 2016 DNC Bonanza (And It Hasn’t Even Started Yet)

This past weekend, a massive leak of emails between high members of the Democratic National Committee, the media, and other important figures related to the Clinton machine hit Wikileaks, revealing, to absolutely no-one’s surprise except the guidable and delusional pro-Hillary supporters, that the entire convention had been stacked against her opposition from the start.  As a result, Debbie Wasserman Schultz not only stepped down from her position as DNC Chair, she’s also submitted her resignation to officially join the Hillary campaign.  Whether this is a move to reward her long service at the DNC as a Clinton agent, or instead a way for the Machiavellian regime to keep even closer tabs on her after the failure of having gotten caught so obviously, is anyone’s guess.

Yesterday, news came out that she has also passed the opening gavel over to the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  Brace yourselves.  The jokes literally write themselves. Continue reading “The 2016 DNC Bonanza (And It Hasn’t Even Started Yet)”

This Crap Makes Me Want To Puke

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks.  There have been reports and scandals that have resurfaced only to be batted around like tennis balls.  There have been terrible crimes committed by terrorists.  There have been protests and almost-riots.  And worst of all, none of this has passed without the all-consuming weight of the Narrative dragging it screaming into the public sphere.

Let’s start with the most disgusting, if not perhaps the most gruesome: Hillary Clinton. Continue reading “This Crap Makes Me Want To Puke”


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