REVIEW: The Fr. Lasance Blessed Sacrament Prayerbook [Revisited]

Last year, I reviewed the Blessed Sacrament Prayer Book of Father Lasance, an exhaustive collection of prayers, meditations, and ejaculations compiled by the scholarly priest during his relatively brief time on Earth. I had only just purchased the book at the time and had yet to familiarize myself with its contents, so the review was brief and limited to immediate concerns like readability, size, and general points of note. But a year has passed, and the familiarity I lacked has manifested over a near-daily use of the volume. So here’s the short version of the review:

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Secularism is the New Faith

It can get tedious debating with secularists today.  Endless citations of the burden of proof, the faux-agnostic stance they take toward examining the evidence, and the haughty tone with which they announce their objectivity in denouncing two thousand years’ worth of apologetics, metaphysics, theology, moral theory, and history on the basis of ‘rationality’ certainly gets tiresome.  They often appeal to poorly-phrased facts that have found another regurgitation in some cleverly-titled New York Times best seller (that last bit should be a red flag all by itself, really).  And appealing to reason, asking for proof, and relying on evidence all have their merits; indeed, if someone is capable of exercising reason then they are morally obliged to do so as often as is humanly possible.  But reason can be misapplied and, as with anything else, it can be confused for something entirely different. Continue reading “Secularism is the New Faith”

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