The Absurdity of Thanksgiving Politics

We at QNUW hope all of you had a delicious and festive Thanksgiving meal.  While perhaps not the most trad of holidays, what with its celebration of the Enlightenment overtaking the shores of the New World in its own flimsy manner of comradery in a time of struggle, it remains a staple of the American experience and, more importantly, an excuse to drink good booze and eat good food with the family.  You could almost look at it as a throwback to the feasts of saints once common in Catholic practice—it lacks that religious dimension, obviously, but in an age of modern secularism, the glorification and memorial of the Pilgrims at Plymouth play the part of a sort of American pre-Christmas celebration: it’s the beginnings of the American genesis, the prelude to what would become the Revolution. Continue reading “The Absurdity of Thanksgiving Politics”

SPOTLIGHT: Family & Civilization (Carle C. Zimmerman, 1947 – Harper, 2008 – ISI Books)

Released seventy years ago, renowned 20th century sociologist Carle Zimmerman’s book Family and Civilization studied and anticipated the breakdown of the Western family as we know it.  Written before the explosion of no-fault divorce, proliferation of same-sex relationships, and the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision, his work already painted a grim look at the future of Western family development.  While many of us on the Right attribute the disintegration of family bonds to the neo-Marxist ideologies that have permeated our culture, in addition to the radicalized individualism put forward by the Enlightenment, Zimmerman points out the general cycle that Western familism existed in pretty much the same format long before the early-Modern thinkers ever came to the scene. Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT: Family & Civilization (Carle C. Zimmerman, 1947 – Harper, 2008 – ISI Books)”

MGTOW, Family, and the Myth of the Individual

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about the anti-feminist response movement glibly dubbed Men Go Their Own Way (MGTOW).  Presumably, much like early feminism attempted to proclaim, the self-proclaimed members of MGTOW want nothing more than to simply be left alone and judged according to their own merits.  An admirable enough cause, though misguided and, I think, an extension of the very problem that it seems to try to address. Continue reading “MGTOW, Family, and the Myth of the Individual”

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