Fascism TV! Brought to You By The Powers That Be

This country is utterly and, perhaps, irreconcilably divided.  President Trump was inaugurated without incident, though riots reported as ‘protests’ marred the capital for a few days.  The left-wing media complex has been active at full steam churning out one false narrative after another, reeling from the flurry of activity that the Trump administration has pumped out just in the first ten days of office.  And the ambiguously-named and crypto-anarchist march on Washington dubbed a ‘Women’s March’ became one of the most reported demonstrations in the world, with similar events staged in metropolitan centers across the country, although no one actually seems to know what the march was supposed to be about.  It’s been a long couple weeks.

And yet, for those of us with actual lives, nothing that’s been reported on makes any sense. Continue reading “Fascism TV! Brought to You By The Powers That Be”

Hollywood Enables Fascism

With this current 2016 election year encapsulating all the bombast and fervor of our historical biases and terror, including loaded accusations of Soviet-style socialism in one candidate, corruption charges surpassing Nixonian standards in another candidate, attacks of ‘conservative radicalism’ (whatever that means) in a different candidate, and being literally Hitler in the last contender, I think it’s time we addressed the issues that tie all of these together: Fascism, politics, and the entertainment industry. Continue reading “Hollywood Enables Fascism”


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