I’m Not A #NeverTrumper After All

Donald Trump is a walking disaster of a candidate.  He can’t explain what the role of government is supposed to be, he exemplifies the sort of fascistic dear leader idol-worshiping that characterizes Leftist demagogues, and his social and economic policies fall Left of center on almost every front—and that’s assuming anything he says even remotely reflects what he actually believes or plans to do should he win the Presidency.  Worse still, he’s now the de facto leader of the only major political party whose platform is supposed to be against all of these things.  Conservatism in the United States is supposed to value adherence to Constitutional and small governance, free trade and freer markets, and the importance of ideas over ethnicities, policies over rhetoric, and personal character over just about everything else.  Trump’s running for President is one thing; his hijacking of what stands in for the “Conservative” political party in this country is another. Continue reading “I’m Not A #NeverTrumper After All”


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