The Riddle of Steel: New York Times’ Edition!

Bret Stephens posted an amusing Op-Ed in the New York Times yesterday entitled “Repeal the Second Amendment”.  Bret Stephens, for those who aren’t aware, self-identifies as a conservative, and as is somewhat typical of the NYT op-ed crew who lean Right, he’s a card-carrying Republican who stands firmly on his principles to appeal to the NYT’s Left-liberal Democratic platform in this dangerous, Trump-tocratic, post-Obamanite era.  He is, in other words, one of the typical New York elite: clueless, educated, disconnected, and snobbish. Continue reading “The Riddle of Steel: New York Times’ Edition!”

The Riddle of Steel

In the 1982 action-adventure adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s pulp series Conan the Barbarian, director John Milius pits Arnold Schwarzenegger against James Earl Jones in a conflict that spans part of a continent, decades of life, and the dialectic between slavery and freedom.  It turned out to be a moderate financial success, reaping impressive profits in the home video market for years after its distribution, and it continues to be something of a mainstay in the popular culture to this day.  It’s not exactly Star Wars-tier in terms of recognition, but Star Wars has had the benefit of a major series of feature film revivals pumped out once every fifteen years.  The most Conan can say is that it got the predictable stripped-down remake a couple years back that everyone has conveniently forgotten about. Continue reading “The Riddle of Steel”

Yes, They Want Your Guns

Rolling Stone carried an article today written by someone who claimed to be a constitutional professor, with the headline that read ‘Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment.’  The article sites how the document has been wrong on a few issues in the past—like slavery—and so, clearly, the document is wrong too about the right of Americans to keep firearms.  Especially since we just had the deadliest mass shooting to take place in this country to remind us all that guns, seemingly, must be the problem.

Rolling Stone’s contributor here is full of it. The bodies weren’t even cold before this became about gun control. Continue reading “Yes, They Want Your Guns”

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