Student Loan Crisis or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Debt Slavery

The cumulative total of American student loans hit $1.5 trillion earlier this year, spread out across a little over forty-four million people.  According to Forbes, this makes loans for university count for the second highest form of consumer debt in the country, with only house mortgages beating it out.  It should come as something of a surprise to hear that the sum total of all the car loans in the country still can’t even hold a candle to the borrowed expenses of the now mockingly-labeled “higher education” in this country. Continue reading “Student Loan Crisis or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Debt Slavery”

Why Are Writers Usually Leftists?

I’m not talking about your genre-fiction trash or your young adult garbage, although most of them are likely leftists as well.  I’m referring to the ever slimming margin of writers who write this ‘literary fiction’ stuff, the neatly categorized title for works that show a dimension of human spirit and effort otherwise alien to the annals of science fiction/fantasy pulps, mystery-thriller eye candy, or harlequin romance pornography.  I’m talking about the crap that’s going to be studied in fifty years’ time. Continue reading “Why Are Writers Usually Leftists?”

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