Log of Japan, Day 4

Tuesday April 14, 7:25AM. Overcast.

Today, I went to Kyoto. The commute to Shinagawa Station, the station that would allow me to board the Shinkansen to Kyoto, was without a hitch; I arrived fifteen minutes early. I reserved a window seat, which was nice. I saw some interesting things on the way there. While everyone is aware of the fact that the Shinkansen is very fast, it is something else to experience it. While you do go faster on an airplane, you never really experience it, because you do not have any reference points to see how fast you go. The Shinkansen has landmarks, so you see how fast you go. It is somewhat surreal. The Shinkansen went through various towns and villages; it reminded me of how, despite it being a technological powerhouse, Japan still had a considerable agricultural presence, at least within it’s own boundaries. Something that I thought was interesting was how there were paddies or farm-grounds embedded within residential areas, meaning that some houses would have farmland right in between each other. I don’t know if they are residentially owned or not (like a vegetable garden), but considering their size, I would doubt it (in New York, some buildings have community owned vegetable gardens on top of the apartments, that everyone can pick from; this is what I was thinking of when I said “residentially owned”). Continue reading “Log of Japan, Day 4”


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