The Tyranny of Morality by Consent

Stop.  You’re in your mid-twenties, bored, somewhat educated, and free on a Friday night.  Your friends invite you to go out and barhop for a few hours.  Maybe you’ll get drunk and just go home a few dollars poorer, dragging yourself back to the apartment you rent with five other people after a night of dancing, boozing, and casual light drug use.  Or maybe you’ll hit it lucky this Friday evening and hook up with somebody who’s got cute eyes, good legs, and just the right amount of alcohol tolerance.  Continue reading “The Tyranny of Morality by Consent”

Equality by Default (Philippe Bénéton – 2004, 2016 ISI Books)

Traditionalism brings with it a certain necessary number of Luddite tendencies, often used by liberals as sniping points in the ever progressive-seeming world of technological innovation. It’s hard not to see a connection; traditionalism’s impulse to maintain the ways of the past directly conflicts with the sort of radically impulsive stream of information that both television and the internet provide. You don’t have to be an intellectual to make note of the fact that technology has made available to billions of people the means to educate themselves with the highest achievements of Western civilization, but instead it’s generally used for reposting cat videos and calling people racial slurs on anonymous internet forums. Continue reading “Equality by Default (Philippe Bénéton – 2004, 2016 ISI Books)”

MGTOW, Family, and the Myth of the Individual

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about the anti-feminist response movement glibly dubbed Men Go Their Own Way (MGTOW).  Presumably, much like early feminism attempted to proclaim, the self-proclaimed members of MGTOW want nothing more than to simply be left alone and judged according to their own merits.  An admirable enough cause, though misguided and, I think, an extension of the very problem that it seems to try to address. Continue reading “MGTOW, Family, and the Myth of the Individual”

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