Log of Japan, Day 1

(This is a log of about the first half of my travels in Japan. I only did the first half because I usually wrote at the end of the day, and I was getting increasingly tired throughout the trip. I would fall asleep before I could write anything. To quickly summarize the half: I returned from Kyoto, went to Tsukiji Market, went to Hakone (where I ran into an Evangelion Store, a nude spa, and an outdoor art museum), then returned to America, all within the span of three days.)

Log of Japan

It is 7:00 PM Saturday April 9th. Overcast.

Flight was 13 hours long. It was rough, but I managed. They had good films and good food (to my surprise). I watched Good Will Hunting and The Imitation Game. Would recommend both. Turbulence was minimal. Continue reading “Log of Japan, Day 1”


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