REVIEW: SJWs Always Lie (Vox Day – 2015, Castelia House)

Genre fiction writer, video game designer, web developer, and head of his own publishing house, Vox Day is not a guy that has time to screw around with Leftist idiots seeking to tear down and destroy anything they disagree with.  So naturally, he wrote a book about it—about GamerGate, about the 2015 Hugo Awards, about the Tim Hunts and Brendan Eichs and James Watsons of the world, and most importantly, about what to do when confronted with SJWs in both your personal neighborhood and their own natural habitats. Continue reading “REVIEW: SJWs Always Lie (Vox Day – 2015, Castelia House)”

A Brief Book Guide (Part III)

Part one of our book guide covered some basic, entry-level, easily read books on the contradictions, lunacy, and general evil that modern liberalism and Leftism embodies.  Part two introduced conservative and Christian texts in brief, looking at the connection between Christianity and Western Civilization.  Part three begins where part two left off: here, the Christian worldview is on full display, distinctions between so-called liberalism (“classical liberalism”) and conservatism are better defined, and the nature of Modernity is revealed in its full excessive, brutal detail.  Continue reading “A Brief Book Guide (Part III)”

Political Centrism Is Not A Thing

“Nah, dude, I’m a centrist.”  The unamusing smugness of the statement belched out of your friend’s lips is enough to put anyone who’s invested an inkling of time into researching the topics at hand into a state of simmering rage.  “Everything in moderation.  Live and let live.  It is what it is.”  This is the type of person, you remind yourself, that smokes pot while tripping on psilocybin and compares it to religious experiences he admits to have never actually had.  This is the type of person, you remind yourself, who has trouble reading books and didn’t finish high school, smells of patchouli and marijuana, and claims to be “his own kind of Buddhist,” though he doesn’t seem to know what the eightfold path is when you ask about it.  This is the type of person, you remind yourself, that you shouldn’t be discussing politics with. Continue reading “Political Centrism Is Not A Thing”

Natural Law and the Moral Underpinnings of the Culture War

As the general tendency of state growth throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries seems to be reaching its apex in the twenty-first, we have witnessed the growing interest on a grassroots level of the study of natural law.  The study stems from both a growing revival of right wing philosophies and a general reaction to leftist nihilism that has saturated the mainstream popular culture.  And it’s good, because it means that more people are waking up from the coma induced by the 60s revolutions and the tranquilizers that the Left has administrated ever since. Continue reading “Natural Law and the Moral Underpinnings of the Culture War”

Slam Poetry Sucks and All These Self-Entitled “Poets” Should Throw Themselves Off of Bridges

When did shouting obscenities, insults against anonymous caricatures, and empty aphorisms constitute poetry? When did it become less about substance and more about volume? Actually, when did substance turn out to mean “what incendiary, hateful remark can I rhyme with the last single-syllable insult that I said two seconds ago and can I chain it into this outdated statement on racial dysphoria that my professor would approve of?” Continue reading “Slam Poetry Sucks and All These Self-Entitled “Poets” Should Throw Themselves Off of Bridges”

Meme Generation

I’ve been to Portsmouth. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to Houston and Tucson and the copper mines out west and the caves beneath the Appalachians. I haven’t been to Fairbanks but I know how to get there. America? I don’t even know what that is. I know the Lakota. I’m 1/256th Cherokee. I was practically born riding a Condor. I can speak French. I can speak ancient Greek. I pronounce ‘veni, vidi, vici’ with Ws. I hate it when people pose for photographs. Continue reading “Meme Generation”

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