REVIEW: Mine Were of Trouble – Peter Kemp (1957; Mystery Grove Publishing, 2020)

From the stony soil of the Sierra Palomera to the comfortable bed in the Gran Hotel at Zaragoza was the sort of sudden change that we came to accept as natural during the Civil War.

By about Chapter Three of Peter Kemp’s Mine Were of Trouble, you start to get a grasp of how surreal an experience the Spanish Civil War really was. Kemp, an Englishman who served for the Nationalists during the war, described his experiences in the form of a retrospective memoir written and published in the 1950s. Part historical survey, part experiential retelling, Mine Were of Trouble stands as one of the few works in English that describes the international fighters, politics, and events of the Nationalist coalition first-hand. Continue reading “REVIEW: Mine Were of Trouble – Peter Kemp (1957; Mystery Grove Publishing, 2020)”

An English Woman-Sergeant in the Serbian Army

(Have a Librivox and Gutenberg links to the novel)


Some days I finished reading this account of an English woman-sergeant in the Serbian army. Specifically, Flora Sandes (1874 – 1956, at age 80), drawn from her first tour experiences assisting the troubled country during WW1 as a medical doctor. Fate soon after turned her road to that of a soldier, then sergeant, then eventually a heroic figure of modern Serbian history. Continue reading “An English Woman-Sergeant in the Serbian Army”

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