A Manly Film About Adolescent Trash – Logan (James Mangold, 2017)

In a time when the movie industry seems to stay afloat according to two extremes and very little middle ground, it’d be nice if a movie were to come along—like the ones from the old times—that had a little something for everyone in it.  Logan is not this movie.  Yet Logan doesn’t completely exist at either end of Hollywood’s extremes, either. Continue reading “A Manly Film About Adolescent Trash – Logan (James Mangold, 2017)”

When Will We Finally Have Movies That Women Want to See?

If you’ve been listening to the press, you’re probably aware of the new Ghostbusters requelboot staring a bunch of female comics that nobody actually cares about.  It’s great!  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m pretty excited.  After all, I loved the first one, which was written by and starring a bunch of late-night TV comedians who were in their prime, back when late-night TV comedy was something that people actually watched.  I’m sure this new generation of late-night TV comedians will be just as good!  I’m sure late-night TV comedy is still relevant!  And the best part is that even if it’s awful, we’ll get to blame everyone who hates the movie for being sexist pigs.  That’s wonderful, and it feels great.

So with that in mind, I think it’s high time that women in Hollywood finally got to do all the movies that audiences like me really want to see. Continue reading “When Will We Finally Have Movies That Women Want to See?”

Log of Japan, Day 2

9:15 PM Saturday April 10. Overcast.

I made French toast for them today. They really liked it, from what I could tell. After that, we left for the subway to get to a temple in some forest (Note: Later identified as the imperial garden; later additions to the logs will be in parentheticals and italicized). Its name is lost on me. It was quite sentimental. I took some good pictures of the place. There was apparently a marriage, as well as some monks walking about in formation. I took pictures of the monks, but not the marriage. I didn’t like how many people there were at the temple, but it was still nice to go. We then went into the city streets next to it. Alex told me how she didn’t like the smell of Japan: “cigarettes and farted cabbage.” I told her how I found that it smells like New York, but she feels that New York smells better. She never told me the last time she went to New York. Continue reading “Log of Japan, Day 2”


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