Not So Bad After All, Pres

This is a couple weeks late, given how close we came to ending the Korean War over Easter, but no matter.  If there’s one thing this administration has proven with its first hundred days, it’s that things happen quickly enough as to give the impression of incoherency or randomness.  But if there’s anything the campaign that preceded it proved, it’s that very little of it is random, and that both Trump himself and his staff are more than capable of improvising whatever is random into their own favor. Continue reading “Not So Bad After All, Pres”

Who’s In Your Bathroom?

It was not enough for President Obama and his administration to indulge in a large-scale takeover of health care by ramming Obamacare through Congress. Now, the Obama administration wishes to take government overreach to previously unimaginable levels, defying constitutional boundaries on federal authority in ways that the Founding Fathers could not possibly have envisioned even in their most pessimistic and skeptical thoughts. Brace yourselves, for the federal government now has its sights set on bathrooms. It would appear that we’ve had the wrong idea about who should use which bathroom since time immemorial, but fear not, for Obama and his bathroom czars are here to rectify the issue for all of us, regardless of whether the Constitution grants them the authority to do it and regardless of our opinion on the matter. Continue reading “Who’s In Your Bathroom?”

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