Billy Joel’s Piano Man and the Big Lie

All pop music plays into the Big Lie. Hitler famously coined the term, and the general idea is that if you can tell a big enough lie and position it at the heart of a propaganda campaign, people would believe it purely out of the assumption that no one could possibly state something so untrue. And naturally, if they believe that part of the propaganda, then the rest of it follows suit. Continue reading “Billy Joel’s Piano Man and the Big Lie”

Banning Porn to Own Libs

A few days ago, the New York Times ran a piece by Ross Douthat entitled “Let’s Ban Porn”.  Given that he’s the only self-identifying conservative on the NYT’s editorial board who seems to write like one, it’s worth giving a look for those of you that haven’t yet had the chance.  He broadly addresses the commodification of sex and sexual education into a pre-packaged consumer product and the subsequent dehumanization of both men and women as a result, avoiding the more tedious critiques against porn that involve statistics about erectile dysfunction, testosterone levels, and depression.  Since his piece isn’t that long, it’s no surprise that he keeps his overview limited to a generalized criticism.  Continue reading “Banning Porn to Own Libs”

Fascism TV! Brought to You By The Powers That Be

This country is utterly and, perhaps, irreconcilably divided.  President Trump was inaugurated without incident, though riots reported as ‘protests’ marred the capital for a few days.  The left-wing media complex has been active at full steam churning out one false narrative after another, reeling from the flurry of activity that the Trump administration has pumped out just in the first ten days of office.  And the ambiguously-named and crypto-anarchist march on Washington dubbed a ‘Women’s March’ became one of the most reported demonstrations in the world, with similar events staged in metropolitan centers across the country, although no one actually seems to know what the march was supposed to be about.  It’s been a long couple weeks.

And yet, for those of us with actual lives, nothing that’s been reported on makes any sense. Continue reading “Fascism TV! Brought to You By The Powers That Be”

Mansplaining Twilight in an Age of Feminism

A modern social internet commentator should have little fear today of being accused of misogyny or bigotry, or almost any other Lefty lingo used to silence the opposition.  They have abused the words to such an extent that sitting down in a subway car with your legs spread has become misogynist, that believing that a family has a tangible definition that relies on the immutable roles of a father, a mother, and children is bigoted, and that worrying about how rape investigations have flipped the rule of law on its head on college campuses is  tantamount to rape-apologeticism.  To any normal person, things like this paint feminists in such a terrible light that it’s clear that their shrill, attention-seeking yammering is about as consequential as the obnoxious yipping of your neighbor’s small, neurotic dog.  It’s grating and annoying, but its only power comes from the fact that other people sympathize with it more than they do with you.

So it is with this in mind that I begin my general review of the Twilight films. Continue reading “Mansplaining Twilight in an Age of Feminism”

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