It’s 2017 and Gamers Are Still Racist

You have free speech.  But don’t use any racial slurs.  But some slurs are okay.  But not the N-word.  But blacks are allowed to use it to refer to themselves or each other.  But whites using the word cracker sounds idiotic, rather than cultured or ‘urban’, whatever that means.  Also, make sure to loudly and angrily decry those who use derogatory language when referring to blacks and Jews, and periodically Asians, Native Americans, Indians, and Arabs, but don’t worry about Eskimos, Slavs, Mediterraneans, Nordics, or Anglos.  If you aren’t signaling that you find certain euphemisms offensive enough, the SJW defenestration guard may not be able to tell the difference when they start trying to get racists like you fired. Continue reading “It’s 2017 and Gamers Are Still Racist”

Slam Poetry Sucks and All These Self-Entitled “Poets” Should Throw Themselves Off of Bridges

When did shouting obscenities, insults against anonymous caricatures, and empty aphorisms constitute poetry? When did it become less about substance and more about volume? Actually, when did substance turn out to mean “what incendiary, hateful remark can I rhyme with the last single-syllable insult that I said two seconds ago and can I chain it into this outdated statement on racial dysphoria that my professor would approve of?” Continue reading “Slam Poetry Sucks and All These Self-Entitled “Poets” Should Throw Themselves Off of Bridges”

Those Dastardly E-mails and Dude, Republicans, Am I Right?

I think Hillary Clinton should go to jail. She’s a politician. Lock ‘em all up. Fuck it.

You know, it’s kind of a shame, really. What’s wrong with a leading statesperson using a private email account for all of their documentation? It shows incentive. It demonstrates their dedication to the job. She had a whole server installed in her own home, just so she could store all that stuff! That’s pretty impressive. If I had employees that took sensitive client information that wasn’t supposed to leave the office home with them, I’d probably give them a promotion. And then kill myself. Continue reading “Those Dastardly E-mails and Dude, Republicans, Am I Right?”

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