The Devil Worshipers Among Us

The longevity of our neoliberal order has effectively found its end.  Faith in liberal democracy, the supplanting of the True Faith with secularism, and the economic sustainability of international free trade capitalism remain vestigial only to a small portion of the urban classes and the coastal elites.  For the rest of the country—and in many cases, even the rest of the world—the naïve belief in a New World Order, free of borders and politics, with all basic needs met and a life of leisure guaranteed for all, has been completely dispelled.  Worse, many more are waking up to the realization that the New World Order was never intended to be one that they would be invited to live in.  To have lost hope in a dream is one thing, but to realize that the dream sold to you was a lie from its inception—this is the foundation, for many, of anti-Globalist sentiment. Continue reading “The Devil Worshipers Among Us”

The Devil’s Pleasure Palace (Michael Walsh – 2015, Encounter Books)

If there is allowed only one word to describe the Left, the wanton adherence to hypocrisy, self-destruction, entropic egalitarianism, aimless rebellion against all forms of establishment, anti-life, anti-love, and its anti-order ethos, that word is “Satanic.”  Acclaimed writer Michael Walsh is unafraid to denounce the Left for what it is in his recent book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West, a largely literary investigation into the death of the West’s unified culture and artistic sensibilities. Continue reading “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace (Michael Walsh – 2015, Encounter Books)”

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