Quit It with the Statues, Guys

Just up the road here sits the city of Baltimore: population about 620,000 and steadily declining.  It has, according to Wikipedia, the most number of public statues and monuments per capita than any other American city.  But as of the time of writing this piece, the number of those monuments has been dropped by four.  Perhaps some may consider this an insignificant number in comparison to the volume of existing memorials—after all, in the city of monuments, the public square could spare a few of them, right?  That dodges the point, of course, but then again, what is the point?  Why bother tearing down the statues in the first place? Continue reading “Quit It with the Statues, Guys”

The Demon in Democracy (Ryszard Legutko – 2016, Encounter Books)

Escaping from Soviet rule in Poland during the 1970s, Ryszard Legutko landed in the liberalized sphere of NATO-defended Europe only to have a startling and somewhat horrifying discovery: many proponents of the political system he had just been received by—liberal democracy—were sympathetic, if not outright favorable, to the cripplingly despotic communist system best characterized by the Soviet regime.  It was not, he admits in his introduction to The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies, something that necessarily occurred to him immediately.  But even within the first few years of his freedom, he had recognized tendencies among his Western colleagues to defend aspects of the system that he had risked his livelihood escaping from. Continue reading “The Demon in Democracy (Ryszard Legutko – 2016, Encounter Books)”

Hollywood Enables Fascism

With this current 2016 election year encapsulating all the bombast and fervor of our historical biases and terror, including loaded accusations of Soviet-style socialism in one candidate, corruption charges surpassing Nixonian standards in another candidate, attacks of ‘conservative radicalism’ (whatever that means) in a different candidate, and being literally Hitler in the last contender, I think it’s time we addressed the issues that tie all of these together: Fascism, politics, and the entertainment industry. Continue reading “Hollywood Enables Fascism”


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